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14 April
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action, adventure, affection, alcohol [especially vodka], alternative, angel, animals, art, australia, bars, bi-sexual, bondage, books, bras, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, chains, cheese, chicken, chilli, cinema, classic, cleaning, clothing, coffee, comedy, computers, cooking, corsets, csi, cuddles, cuddling, cuisine [asian/italian/mexican/polish], dance - ballet, dancing, david and leigh eddings, dining out, discipline, drawn together, drinking [occasionally], dvds, evanescence, exercise, family, family guy, fantasy, females, fetish, film, flirting, food, friends, futerama, g-strings, geeks, giving, goth, handcuffs, heavy metal, high heels, horror, house m.d., hugging, huggles, hugs, ice-skating, in-line skating, internet, ironing, j.r.r (john.ronald.reuel) tolkien, jewelry, jogging, kissing, knee high boots, knives, lamb, law, law & order, lingerie, linux, live, love, make up, males, melbourne, movies, music, mythology, nerds, night clubs, nudity, occult, open source, pain, photographs, photography, piercings, pleasure, poland, pole dancers, pole dancing, pool, pubs, punk, puzzles, quentin tarantino, rap, reading, receiving, roller skating, sabrina the teenage witch, sex, sharing, shoes, singing, sleep, sleeping, smoking [occasionally/especially cigars], snuggles, snuggling, south park, stephen king, stephen r. (reeder) donaldson, strippers, sudoku, supernatural, sushi, swimming [aka doggy paddling], talking, tattoos, tea, teddy bears, television, the boondock saints, the simpsons, theatre, thriller, traveling, trudi canavan, tux, ugly betty, united states of america, walking, whips, writing, you

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